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Seven steps to self mastery

There is a vast amount of information available today on self-help, self-responsibility, self-realisation, self-healing; the list goes on. This information is most welcome as collectively we approach the need for major change in our life-styles if life, as we know it, is to continue on planet Earth.

Piece by piece we assimilate this ‘new’ information into our consciousness, step by step we move into a new understanding of what it means to be a Human Being. We may have our moments of feeling content, smug, despairing, happy, sad, angry, frightened or safe, this is all part of the parcel that is a human being. Even with the ‘new’ information available to us today we still have to do the work. At some point we need to confront our perceptions of who and what we are, to move out of limiting perceptions of self into a much bigger picture.

This is indeed a challenge, many on this journey seem to get stuck, albeit temporarily, in the process. Identifying with the mental, emotional and physical issues that present themselves moment by moment. It is no easy thing to step outside of yourself, objectively view the personality, correct any imbalance you may find and then return, a changed person, back into the personality. For one, there is little sense of anything existing outside of the self. This is indeed a truism, for on the personality level the ‘I’ is supreme and anything ‘external’ to the ‘I’ is seen and interpreted through the physical, mental and emotional conditioning of the ‘I’. This being the case all ‘external’ phenomena is viewed uniquely and differs from observer to observer.

On the other hand, the fact that nothing exists outside of the self (Self) on a soul level reflects the ‘oneness’ of all life. Seen from the perspective of the personality, the being that is experiencing ‘life’ is very attached to the body, to the material world and will remain an apparent victim to external events unable to consciously affect his or her destiny. The ‘nothing outside of self’ when understood on a soul level is incredibly liberating, requires great self-responsibility and allows true healing to occur.

This is all very well and generally understood the secret of course is how to reach this state of awareness. All roads, we are told, lead to Rome. There are many paths to select from, the Hindus, through their yogic philosophies, defined several main pathways, of which there are now many lesser paths, sub paths and jungle trails to choose from.

Service; Devotion; Contemplation and Wisdom.

Among these main paths are, the path of Service; Devotion; Contemplation and Wisdom. Through giving oneself entirely into service to others one will lose the addiction to self. Through devotion (e.g. to God) again one is able to step outside of the personality, contemplation (meditation) leads one into the quiet, inner spaces, of the mind wherein the sense of oneness may be found. It is the path of wisdom approached from a unique, practical point of view, that forms the basis for this article. There is yet another yogic path called Raja yoga, or king yoga that combines all the others into one path which, when seen from an understanding of Gnana yoga, wisdom yoga, becomes an obvious, well balanced path, however, to reach this awareness a good, grounded knowledge of one of the basic paths is required.

There are many ways one can gain wisdom. Wisdom is not knowledge, though one can grow wise from knowledge it is not necessarily so. I would like to share what I consider to be two of the most powerful aids to self-mastery available to us. A pendulum and an ‘L’ rod, the two simple tools used by dowsers worldwide to explore their seen and unseen universe. How, you may ask, will a pendulum help me step outside of my reality and give me a greater picture of my own fears and limitations, an even bigger question might be, how will these simple devices help me overcome my fears and limitations.

There are seven stages of dowsing and, if followed correctly and diligently, will lead without fail to self-mastery. One must travel at ones own pace, face ones own demons, explore ones own reality and grow at ones own pace. Because we all see life slightly differently, all have our own unique interpretations of reality, there is no one set of rules or guidelines that fits all. With some rudimentary training and with a little ongoing support anyone can learn to use the pendulum and ‘L’ rod, get pointed in the right direction and be left to safely explore their own perceptions of who and what they are. No one to set any pace, no one to limit the depth of discovery, just the individual on their personal journey.

Dowsing - an Ancient Art with surprising applications:

You may well have heard of dowsers, or water diviners who, armed with a piece of fencing wire, wander across paddocks in the search for underground water. For many years this has been our limited understanding of a dowser. Dowsing is a very ancient art, with references in the Bible and even several hieroglyphs in Egyptian tombs depicting a person using a dowsing rod. In medieval times the Europeans used dowsers to locate underground ores and minerals. More recently, at the turn of the century, the French used dowsers to track down criminals, the U.S. Forces in Vietnam trained soldiers in the art of dowsing in order to locate land mines and tunnels. Even today the police in Switzerland employ the services of a dowser to help track down missing persons.

Closer to home chicken farmers use dowsing to sex chickens, horticulturists can use it to sex various plants. Many people will have heard of grand-ma, using a wedding ring suspended on a piece of cotton, to determine the sex of an unborn infant. Many health practitioners use a pendulum to help identify various remedies, dowsing has as many applications as you could imagine, and then some more. The use of this process is limited only by your imagination.

How does it Work?

There have been many books written on the subject all no doubt contain some truth. If we go back to the earlier part of this article and look again at the statement …“The ‘nothing outside of self’ when understood on a soul level is incredibly liberating, requires great self-responsibility and allows true healing to occur”. As we come to accept the truth of this re come to the understanding that, if there is nothing outside of self, then all that exists ‘externally’ is a reflection of the self, or another aspect of self yet to be embraced in the oneness of all beings. We can then imagine ourselves to be swimming in a sea of consciousness, totally connected and relating to all other parts of this sea of consciousness. It is this connectedness that allows us to access information that at first glance appears external and unconnected. The brain, constantly computing information received via our six senses and the chakras, is just as much a part of this whole-ness which allows it to receive and translate messages contained in the vastness of the sea of consciousness.

As the brain, scanning all wavelengths, connects into the particular frequency of the information that we are seeking so the fine motor muscles of the hand, or even consciousness itself, influences the dowsing rod or pendulum. Then according to an established response, we can determine a positive or negative answer to whatever question we were asking at the time.

Children make excellent dowsers, having little preconception of dowsing and little emotional attachment to the outcome. This is most important, for anyone using the pendulum can influence the outcome through their own desire body. It is unwise to dowse on matters where the dowser has an emotional investment in the outcome.

The Seven Levels.

The first level is known as on site, hands-on dowsing. This is where the dowser is actually on the site to be explored, armed with ‘L’ rod and pendulum. The second is known as horizon dowsing, again the dowser is on site scanning the horizon, particularly useful when there is a large area to be ‘searched’.

The third method involves distance dowsing, or dowsing over a map of a given area. The fourth moves into a slightly different area, the area known as information dowsing. Here the dowser, using the pendulum can gain answers to almost any questions that can be imagined.

Next, the more ‘interesting’ areas, the fifth - co-operation with nature. Here the dowser, with an understanding of the natural order is able to advise on the best avenues open for utilising the natural energy fields in the environment. The sixth area, an exciting step toward ‘enlightenment’ is co-creation with nature, the true area of dowsing as a tool to heal - both personal and environmental. Of course, number seven, self-mastery, becomes the logical conclusion if the earlier steps are followed assiduously.

Returning to look at each of the steps in more details and thereby gaining an understanding of how this knowledge can be applied to gain the wisdom required to reach the goal, we can see how, with practice each step leads comfortably to the next.

Among the many applications for level one, on-site dowsing, a particularly useful area is the exploration of the physical and metaphysical universe. Using the dowsing rod, a dowser can survey any environment for the presence (or absence) of various energy fields. In Germany the services of energy dowsers are commonly accepted. Before building or buying a home or land, the dowser is called in to survey the land or building and check for any ‘unhealthy’ energy fields. Applying this principle to our Seven Stages we see that by getting in touch with our physical environment we become better acquainted with the physical health of our environment. We are able to detect areas of stress created by the earth’s magnetic field, underground water, geological fault lines and caves. Extending this understanding a little we can evaluate the health risk posed, if any, from Extremely Low Frequency Electro Magnetic Radiation (ELF EMR). Most importantly, from a personal growth point of view, we can explore the layers of the mental and emotional energy that gets stuck and builds up in the physical environment.

Level two is simply an extension of level one, enabling us to explore larger areas without the need to physically cover the whole of the area to be surveyed. As such it is a useful tool for practical applications but has little use if ones aim is enlightenment. Similarly map dowsing, the fourth stage, is very useful for determining energy patterns in a physical location that may be many kilometres from your base and consequently not accessible. This level does serve a valuable purpose though. As the dowser gains experience and confidence in level one, to realise that it is possible to access this information from a distance serves to confirm the unity and inter-connectedness of all life. From this point of view level three is an exciting step along the road.

So far the dowser has been gathering an understanding of geo-physical and metaphysical phenomena. Level four, or information dowsing helps to sort the information gained through the study of level one, quantify it and increase awareness. Applying this level the dowser is able to ask questions relating to the finding gained in level one. Through the questioning process more questions come to light, following on from previous questions. This journey leads the dowser into a greater awareness of the inter-connectedness of all life, out of separation.

When all life, both internal and external is seen to consist of atoms in various configurations and specific rates of frequency (it is the frequency that defines the purpose or physical manifestation of atomic structures), then we can understand that even our thoughts and emotional energy have specific frequency patterns. It becomes easy to understand, this being the case, how we store information in our physical bodies, as frequency patterns. This energy can be stored in the physical or subtle bodies, anyone that has experienced an emotional release after a massage, reflexology or acupuncture treatment will understand the power held in the body. This holding in, this hanging onto emotional and mental trauma may well be seen as the beginning of sickness and dis-ease.

To understand how dowsing can help us come to terms with our ‘negative addictions’ we look again at the world of energy. All is energy, manifesting in multi divers forms, yet the fact that we are energy fields, complex and diverse is fundamental to the next step out of the darkness of limitation. Seeing stored emotion as energy held at particular frequency patterns and recognising that the ‘external’ reality is but a reflection of the internal, we begin to see that our ‘external’ reality holds frequency patterns identical to those holding emotional trauma within the physical body. When we encounter these apparently external frequency patterns, which relate to patterns which we hold in our physical or subtle bodies, we are triggered into an emotional response that equates with the original trauma. In effect we are unconsciously catapulted into an emotional reaction which tends to dominate our perceptions (whilst it lasts).

This reaction tends to take us by surprise, we are not consciously aware that we have gone into reaction, this could be a minor event, an habitual response to certain stimuli or it could be a major drama wherein we lose our balance and tumble helplessly into an emotional state that can be life threatening, at the least damaging to health.

If, by a process of increasing awareness we were able to recognise, at one stage, the impact our so called external environment has upon our physical, mental and emotional well being then we must see that are have taken a profound step on the road to self mastery. The dowsing helps us to understand our selves, from whatever perspective the self needs to be understood in order for it to grow and evolve through its lessons here on Earth.

The fifth level, that of co-operation with nature, combines the wisdom and knowledge gained through application of the earlier levels. As we become increasingly aware of the nature of our relationship with our environment we are better empowered to live in harmony with that environment, less able to pollute and destroy on levels that we may not have dreamed of before. Our emotional and mental energy could be amongst the major pollutants on the planet at the moment. We continue to transmit clouds of disturbing mental and emotional patterns that build up like layers of smog over a city. This emotional energy and these thought forms tend to block out the light of understanding. The more we pollute in this manner the more difficult it is for us to break free of the limiting patterns that caused us to pollute with our thoughts and emotions in the first place.

Through the continued application of the techniques spoken of so far, we become aware that these energy patterns pollute. We also see the extreme degree that we hold ourselves captive to old, limiting, thoughts and addictive emotional patterns. By identifying these patterns but not identifying with them, with the help of the various levels of dowsing, we begin to accept more responsibility for our part in the ongoing creation of ‘reality’. As we accept responsibility we gradually empower ourselves with choice. To go into immediate reaction when we encounter the right trigger, or to respond, stay in our centre, and respond with awareness or unconditional love.

Having successfully mastered these levels the sixth is a natural extension. Co-creation with nature. Having realised the complete connection you have with your total environment, and gained insight into the nature of reality, having seen that all that is manifest is the result of consciousness, it is possible to add your own intent to create a more harmonious world to live in. This is not new. We have all been co-creating our reality 24 hours a day since we were born. What is new is that we now do it with conscious awareness. Instead of adding to the clouds of greed, fear and ignorance through our own lack of awareness we choose, with conscious intent, to create balance and harmony.

A powerful and interesting step towards self mastery comes when we see that in order to create/restore balance to our world we must either already contain that balance within us or step right outside of personality to do so. For the personality can only create that which it desires, that which it understands. The personality imposes its will on the external reality thus creating more of the same. We have travelled that road for many years and the fruits of that journey are obvious to all. Whilst we are still caught up in our own darkness we cannot create light. We all have the answer, the truth, within us, always have had always will. We tend to be our own worse enemies, continually putting up barriers or making life difficult in order to justify our fear of our own truth. The defenses that we have already long established effectively block out the light. We need do nothing more to remain in darkness, however because we have the answer within us already, we need do nothing to come into the light except remember.

Dowsing takes us gently but surely on the path of remembering. As we are able to identify, for ourselves, our fears and limitations, as we are able to question our reactions to external stimuli, so we come out of our cave of lack, into the bright light of day – the Seventh Level.

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